Since 1995 TeleTek Software has proven itself to be a leader in the Electronic Data Collection (EDC) industry.

TeleTek delivers a high-performance, cost effective, platform independent solution for the deployment, management, access and regulatory compliance of critical applications for the collection and dissemination of electronically collected data.

Teletek Software provides rapid and cost effective deployment solutions, reliable service, secured data and excellent customer service.

Custom software development
  •     - Evolutionary design.
  •     - Rapid developement .
  •     - Centrally managed .
  •     - Security focused
  • TeleTek Software has established a proven track record providing state-of-the art EDC services since 1995. The EDC service demands a very high level of accessibility, stability and security for data collection and banking technology services. This system centralizes all technical support, updating and configuration changes and security backup into one location.

    Today, TeleTek Software focuses on providing and hosting cost-effective networking and applications. TeleTek Software's team represents a pool of talented professionals with expertise, experience and backgrounds that place them among the best in the Industry.

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